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“The China Question” is now available for digital download through Amazon Instant. You can rent or buy it here.

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The China Question on Morning Joe

Monday I spoke with the gang at Morning Joe about “The China Question” and US/China trade:

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‘The China Question’ will re-air on CNBC in the U.S. next Friday, August 12 at 9pmET/6pmPT

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In the last couple weeks we’ve been reviewed all over the web, with positive notices so far:

DVD Authority: The China Question explores a sensitive topic and treats both sides with great respect… giving us a wide and eye opening look into how people of all walks of life are impacted. [3.5/5]

Gordon and the Whale: An intellectually stimulating piece of documentary filmmaking from one of the genre’s up-and-coming stars. [3.5/5]

DVD Verdict: A shocking and eye opening documentary… provocative and sometimes frightening… a memorable movie experience.

Blood, Dirt and Angels: A fascinating, and thoughtful film that refuses to engage in the sort of theatrics that characterize so many of today’s advocacy docs. [DVD of the Week]

Big Picture Big Sound: The issue of United States/China trade relations is so gargantuan and labyrinthine, one hardly knows where to begin. Kudos then to gifted young filmmaker Brook Silva-Braga [3/4]

Ferdy on Films: Absorbing and thorough… Silva-Braga’s film is rich in information and offers much food for thought

A Site Called Fred: I was amazed by the level hand that Silva-Braga takes to show what the real effects are as it pertains to the economic superpower that is China.

The Projection Booth: Open-minded, thorough, and well articulated.

Common Guy’s Film Reviews: A slick job of making foreign relations and trade interesting.

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DVDs Now On Sale

DVDs officially go on sale today, exclusively here on the website. They will include eight deleted scenes and 11 extended interviews with the experts who appear in the documentary. The actual DVDs are now being manufactured (in New Jersey, in case you were wondering) and are scheduled to ship next Thursday, June 16.

We’ve received several reviews in recent days:

Ryan Mason at calls the film “an interesting and entertaining documentary that comes across like a long-form 60 Minutes investigation combined with a History Channel one-hour special.” 3.5 stars writes “anyone interested in seeing how the production of cheap goods in China and their sale to the U.S. affects the American and Chinese economies… should see the documentary” A-

And Matchflick’s Mike Thomas says “The China Question is a kinder and gentler examination of the collapsing of the American Economy, the calmer and less sensationalist response to Michael Moore’s Roger & Me.” 3.5 stars

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