DVDs Now On Sale

DVDs officially go on sale today, exclusively here on the website. They will include eight deleted scenes and 11 extended interviews with the experts who appear in the documentary. The actual DVDs are now being manufactured (in New Jersey, in case you were wondering) and are scheduled to ship next Thursday, June 16.

We’ve received several reviews in recent days:

Ryan Mason at CHUD.com calls the film “an interesting and entertaining documentary that comes across like a long-form 60 Minutes investigation combined with a History Channel one-hour special.” 3.5 stars

Shockya.com writes “anyone interested in seeing how the production of cheap goods in China and their sale to the U.S. affects the American and Chinese economies… should see the documentary” A-

And Matchflick’s Mike Thomas says “The China Question is a kinder and gentler examination of the collapsing of the American Economy, the calmer and less sensationalist response to Michael Moore’s Roger & Me.” 3.5 stars

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