In the last couple weeks we’ve been reviewed all over the web, with positive notices so far:

DVD Authority: The China Question explores a sensitive topic and treats both sides with great respect… giving us a wide and eye opening look into how people of all walks of life are impacted. [3.5/5]

Gordon and the Whale: An intellectually stimulating piece of documentary filmmaking from one of the genre’s up-and-coming stars. [3.5/5]

DVD Verdict: A shocking and eye opening documentary… provocative and sometimes frightening… a memorable movie experience.

Blood, Dirt and Angels: A fascinating, and thoughtful film that refuses to engage in the sort of theatrics that characterize so many of today’s advocacy docs. [DVD of the Week]

Big Picture Big Sound: The issue of United States/China trade relations is so gargantuan and labyrinthine, one hardly knows where to begin. Kudos then to gifted young filmmaker Brook Silva-Braga [3/4]

Ferdy on Films: Absorbing and thorough… Silva-Braga’s film is rich in information and offers much food for thought

A Site Called Fred: I was amazed by the level hand that Silva-Braga takes to show what the real effects are as it pertains to the economic superpower that is China.

The Projection Booth: Open-minded, thorough, and well articulated.

Common Guy’s Film Reviews: A slick job of making foreign relations and trade interesting.

8 Responses to Reviews

  1. Lynette DeNike says:

    Just saw you on “Morning Joe.” Your Mom and I are kindred spirits. It IS possible to not buy Chinese. And I do it for the same reasons your mother does. In addition, with anything food-related (cooking, drinking, eating, consuming) I don’t believe the risk of toxic substances is worth the price and convenience.

    To your point on “Morning Joe,” reasonably priced coffee mugs really can be the greatest challenge to find although they do come from all over the world. The one thing you learn when you don’t buy Chinese products, you cannot be in a hurry to find something unique. And you cannot always find what you want. By the way, I have noticed that WalMart has moved manufacturing of some of its kitchenware products out of China during the past few years. When I noticed this transition, I concluded WalMart would only do this if sales declined on these products since it’s difficult to believe their manufacturing costs are lower in Israel! Could it be that your Mom and I are only two of many?

    Congratulations on the positive reviews!
    I look forward to seeing your film.

    • carol says:

      I, too, have been boycotting goods made in China and trying to buy American. It is impossible, however, to buy only U.S. made goods. My motivation is to support American jobs. As a result, I have bought much less, but I have spent a lot more for those items that I have purchased. Have I missed anything? Not really.

  2. Su from Fort Lee, NJ says:

    I really enjoyed your work aired on CNBC world. You also asked some very interesting questions that I also have been grappling with for some time now and recently I have concluded that The China Question has now become or since your production date, have for me become “The America Question” . China has a clear strategic plan and will achieve their goals because of the lessons learned from the success and failure of the Western democratic system. What have they been successful at and what do they hope to avoid?
    1. free enterprise system with carefully managed and power of a government to enact IMMEDIATE change when necessary
    2. maintaining the importance of the cultural heritage and sense of the well being of their community/society over the individual or sometimes at the expense of it
    3. understanding what exactly the majority of the citizens want to achieve before they become aware of it themselves and laying the infrastructure in place once the people are ready
    And what do they hope to avoid?
    1. the false propaganda of the Western democratic system and the greatness of the freedom/individuality/opportunity it provides. One of the most important lesson I have personally learned from direct experience is the fact that no matter how the US claim to have freedom of speech, knowledge and information, it is all a mirage. The simple fact is that the bureucratic system in place has such deep roots controlled by a few percentage of the top wealth holders that nothing is as it seems.
    2. here we have no censorship and no restrictions on what we can say or do but at what cost? No one is questioning the safety of their privacy and private information that is being freely given to new technological platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
    3. the great democratic system that claims transparency of information and freedom of individual rights have brought this country to the brink of near default. And yet majority of Americans do not know how we got here nor who or what is responsible? The audacity of this government to think that they can dictate to North Korea, Iran or other nations that they can not build nuclear facilities and yet they themselves have the right to as many as they feel they are entitled to. The audacity of this government to dictate and scold other countries on human rights issues when the greatest threat to this same issue here at home is the transparency and dissemination of FALSE information fed to the masses…
    These are The America Question I would like you to answer in your next documentary. But I’m not worried because in mid century, the scale of power will shift and guess who will be the “cheap labor source” of tomorrow???

  3. Michele Care says:

    Great Documentary. I have worked very hard to buy goods made in the USA and countries other than China ever since the Tiananmen Square incident. I thought the doc missed something important though: The differences between China and the USA as to the environment. I know the US still has a long way to go, but in China they are horrendous and that allows them to produce more cheaply.
    The main point I took away from the documentary (when a Chinese man was being interviewed) was that the US manufacturers are much too naive and share all their blueprints with China. Japan does not. We helped Japan after WWII with manufacturing advice. Looks like we should take some advice from them now: Blueprints and full assembly should stay in the country which innovates and designs. We are giving away our creative secrets and it won’t be long before China takes the lead in innovation if we keep this practice up.

  4. John Swarzkopf says:

    I thought this lacked the real idea’s behind the China question and who was really responsible for the lack in industry understanding of why the USA started buying from China……corporations, bottom line and the author skirts around this idea, trying to say to individuals to take responsibility for buying from China, as we all know its the corporations that give us no choice if we want the popular products.
    I ask this question to the author of this movie, why then are all major corporation in China one way or anther exploiting the public by our own government!
    I have to say one last thing, I have a business here in the USA, no one here would make my products that I marketed here so I even have products made, 100K a year in product from China. I tried to have my products made in the USa, no one here would do it not even willing to give me a price! I rest my case. but I do agree with one aspect, the Americans have become lazy as all democracies become and our government takes no responsibiltiy in this also. So talk to your elected officials and ask why did they borrow money from the Chinese, greed!

  5. Larry Lamb says:

    Maybe people in China should stop buying american goods where the profit of sale return to american companies. After all the profit usually goes to the rich and they seem very unwilling to share that with the poor in america.

    I thought the film was biased. It showed an america of freedom and democracy threatened by a china of dictatorship. We must always remember that it is not ordinary Chinese people, who are working had just try and better their lives, that are a threat. Chinese people are every bit as important as the people in the USA. Nationalism is a sickening way to view the world.

    Also if you think that your american press and freedom are so good and fair and that you are made aware of all the issues through your media then that media really are doing an excellent job at shaping your opinions and you are in fact less aware than the average Chinese person living in China of the miss-information you are fed. They are all too aware of the lies and propaganda from their government.

    You showed some of the Chinese people in the movie weren’t aware of the significance of the 4th of June – but I wonder how many people in the usa are aware of the significance of 9/11 – no not the 9/11 of that you may be thinking of but 9/11 1973 when the CIA backed coup brought down the democratically elected government of Chile.

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