In the last couple weeks we’ve been reviewed all over the web, with positive notices so far:

DVD Authority: The China Question explores a sensitive topic and treats both sides with great respect… giving us a wide and eye opening look into how people of all walks of life are impacted. [3.5/5]

Gordon and the Whale: An intellectually stimulating piece of documentary filmmaking from one of the genre’s up-and-coming stars. [3.5/5]

DVD Verdict: A shocking and eye opening documentary… provocative and sometimes frightening… a memorable movie experience.

Blood, Dirt and Angels: A fascinating, and thoughtful film that refuses to engage in the sort of theatrics that characterize so many of today’s advocacy docs. [DVD of the Week]

Big Picture Big Sound: The issue of United States/China trade relations is so gargantuan and labyrinthine, one hardly knows where to begin. Kudos then to gifted young filmmaker Brook Silva-Braga [3/4]

Ferdy on Films: Absorbing and thorough… Silva-Braga’s film is rich in information and offers much food for thought

A Site Called Fred: I was amazed by the level hand that Silva-Braga takes to show what the real effects are as it pertains to the economic superpower that is China.

The Projection Booth: Open-minded, thorough, and well articulated.

Common Guy’s Film Reviews: A slick job of making foreign relations and trade interesting.

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