“The China Question” on Morning Joe

Monday I spoke with the gang at Morning Joe about “The China Question” and US/China trade:

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  1. Joaquin Roca says:

    Excellent job, Brook. Color me surprised the Michael Steele was talking about investing in education. Where do you get that money if not from taxes? For once I agreed with him. Remember to bring the Africa DVD next week!

  2. Xerographica says:

    Having majored in International Development Studies with an emphasis on China…and having studied globalization in Shanghai…and having discussed issues of transparency with several people in China…I really enjoyed watching your documentary.

    My critique is that if you had spent more time looking at Deng Xiaoping then perhaps you might have been able to discern the obvious answer to the China question. The obvious answer to the China question is pragmatism. The only reason that China is a question in the first place is because Xiaoping went around saying that it doesn’t matter whether a cat is black or white…what matters is whether it catches mice.

    Pragmatism is the opposite of dogmatism. Mao Zedong was dogmatic…he imposed his answers onto everybody. He was absolutely certain that his answers were correct. As a result…20-30 million people died from state induced famine. Mao Zedong suffered from what Hayek called a “Fatal Conceit”.

    Hayek coined this term to refer to liberals that advocate planning. The trick is understanding that the “Fatal Conceit” also applies to libertarians that advocate for a severe reduction in the scope of government. We’re all just “conceited” blind men arguing over the scope of government. The only way to actually determine the true scope of government would be to allow taxpayers to directly allocate their taxes. This would provide each and every taxpayer the freedom to use their taxes to highlight private sector supply failures.

    I’m sure you’re familiar with Obama’s favorite analogy of the car ending up in the ditch. The car will always end up in the ditch because each party is guilty of driving while under the influence of conceit.

    If you get a chance…here’s my blog entry on the subject…

  3. Jamie Rhein says:

    Brook, this was a terrific interview. I hope your film is getting traction. I have a Chinese high schooler living in a room of our house and I’m tutoring a 13 year-old Chinese middle schooler via the Internet. I really enjoyed the part about your mom and her buying habits.

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